Things to Do in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to allow more people to visit the country on tourist visas. Whenever you feel the need to get away from what you’re used to in your country, Saudi Arabia should be one of your top destinations. There is no limit to the number of fun activities you can participate in regardless of your destination in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the things you should do every time you visit Saudi Arabia:

Go for Scuba Diving

If you love the art of scuba diving, Saudi Arabia is one of the coolest places to enjoy scuba diving. You can choose to go as deep as 40 meters into the waters depending on the weather. For the best experience, you can get a local guide to help you identify the best and safest scuba diving sites, especially along the Red Sea.

Saudi Arabia has a long coastline on the red sea which provides vast diving possibilities. Whether you are near the Jordan border or at Yemen in the south, you’ll get vast waters where you can showcase your diving expertise. Also more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

Go For Shopping

Your visit to Saudi Arabia can never be complete if you don’t go out for shopping. You need to buy things that will act as a reminder of your beautiful experiences. There are numerous shopping malls all over Saudi and your choice will depend on what you are looking for. However, you need to keep in mind that some of the malls will drive the customers out during prayer time. If this is your first time, do not get embarrassed at this as it is an Islamic religious culture. To avoid getting caught up in such, plan for your shopping in advance so that by the time they break for their prayers, you’ll be through with your shopping.

Visit the Museums

Saudi Arabia has a rich history and there is no better way to discover it than visiting some of the best museums in Saudi Arabia. You’ll get to appreciate the culture of the local people and you go through the vast wealth of knowledge in each of the amazing museums. Here are some of the museums you should visit every time you visit Saudi Arabia:

  • The National Museum of Saudi Arabia
  • Al Teyebat International City
  • Scitech Technology Center
  • Al-Madina Museum
  • Tabuk Castle
  • Shubra Palace

Go for Hiking and Camping in the Desert

More than 90% of the land in Saudi Arabia is a desert but this does not mean you cannot have fun. Camping in the desert is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have any time you visit the country without having to spend too much. You can choose to carry your own tent or hire some of the tents that are already set up for use by visitors. You’ll get a chance to take part in bonfires and barbecues which will make your experience memorable.

Another fun activity you can enjoy in the desert in hiking where you get to the top of sand dunes, then sandboard down. When you engage in such activities in Saudi Arabia, you’ll definitely be looking for a chance to come back for more.

Camel Riding

Your visit to Saudi Arabia can never be complete without getting a camel ride. You can choose to do this as you enjoy the cool climate at the beach or go out into the desert. Whichever part of Saudi you’ll be visiting, you’ll find numerous camels where you’ll pay a small fee to go for a ride.

Things to Bring on Your vacation

Saudi Arabia’s climate is desert-like where at times the sun will be very hot. You need to carry comfortable clothing, good shoes, a travel guide to help you move about, and a map. Here is a detailed list of the things you should remember to pack before embarking on your journey to Saudi Arabia:


Saudi Arabia is experiences very hot sunshine and you need to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Get some good sunglasses that will prevent too much sunshine from getting into contact with your eyes.

Sunscreen Lotion/ Oil

To avoid suffering from sunburns as you enjoy your vacation, pack sunscreen oil or lotion. This will help in maintaining your flawless skin for the duration you’ll be in Saudi Arabia.

Jackets, Some Few pairs of Gloves, and Hats

Though the weather will be extremely hot during the day, things will change at night and it’ll be very cold. You need some clothes to keep you warm throughout the night.

Good Shoes

Though you’ll be using the available means of transport to get to various destinations, you’ll still need to walk at times. You need to pack some comfortable shoes when the situations demand that you take a walk. These shoes will protect your feet against developing blisters as you walk to various destinations. Get more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

A Map & a Travel Guide

If this is the first time you’ll be going on a vacation to Saudi Arabia, you do not know your way around. You need a map or a travel guide to make it easier for you to navigate the extensive country. Using a travel guide, you’ll be able to know where the best restaurants are located or where you can find the best tourist activities.

A Laptop

Since there is no nightlife in Saudi Arabia, you need something to keep you busy at night. A laptop will be a useful tool for surfing the internet and stay connected with what is happening around you. You can also use the internet to stream your favorite local shows so that you do not miss your favorite episodes when on vacation.

International Driving License

If you have plans to hire a car to facilitate your movement, an international driving license will be a major requirement.

Your Toiletries

If you prefer to use a specific brand of cream or lotion, you should remember to carry it with you as it may be unavailable in Saudi. However, if you can use any brand of beauty product, you can wait until you get to Saudi and buy the available brands.


If you are on any prescription drugs, remember to carry them with you. You can also carry some over-the-counter medications such as pain relievers to help you handle any minor complications that could arise.

As a woman, it is an offense to show your arms or even your feet in public. You need to carry appropriate clothing for those times you’ll be interacting with the locals. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim-dominated country and you have to keep this in mind when packing. Do not carry anything that shows your allegiance to other denominations as this may put you in trouble.

Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is not a walking-friendly destination and this means you need to fully understand the various means of transport. The public transport here is awful except in Jeddah which stresses further the need to either own a car or hire a taxi.

Moving Within a City

It is impossible to rely on public transport in Saudi Arabia and you need to have private means of transport. Owning a car or hiring a taxi are some of the options especially if you are in Saudi for a limited time.

To avoid getting overcharged every time you need to hire a vehicle, you can download either Uber or a Careem app. With these, all you’ll need is to log in and make your booking.

Domestic Flights in Saudi Arabia

If you are in Saudi Arabia as a tourist, you’ll be traveling a lot to get to various tourist sites which could be thousands of miles apart. The best means to move from one destination to the other is via domestic flights. You need to set some funds aside to facilitate your transportation while in Saudi.

Saudi Airlines has the largest domestic connections which is why most people prefer to use it.  to make it easier for you to move from the airport, you can rent a car so that you can move with ease from the airport.

Renting a Car

The amount you’ll spend on renting a car in Saudi is lower and to make it better, the cost of gas is low as well. Car rental companies offer limited mileage each day and if you exceed, you’ll pay an additional fee.

You need an international driver’s license to rent a car in Saudi Arabia. Before embarking on your journey, it is important to get one so that you can have an easier time moving around. Also more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

Public Transport

There are buses that move from one city to the other that you can rely on to move around. Even at this, you’ll still need to hire a taxi to move from the bus center to your destination as Saudi is not walk-friendly. You can book your bus ticket online or go to a bus terminus to make your booking.


There is only one rail train in Saudi Arabia that links Riyadh and Damman which passes through Al Asha & Abqaiq five times daily. The maximum luggage allowed for 1st or 2nd class is 50 kg. You have to make your booking 24 hours before the departure time and when you get to the station, ensure you have your ticket 3 hours before the train departs.  If you don’t do this, the cost of the tickets will increase by you move from one part of Saudi Arabia to the other, it is important to know the rules that govern each place. For instance, there are places where you’re not allowed to enter if you are non-Muslim such as Medina. If you are able to observe such requirements, you’ll definitely have an amazing time while in Saudi Arabia.

Renting a Car

Saudi Arabia has several public means of transport such as trains and buses but most people prefer to drive their own cars. For those who don’t have their own cars, they can use taxis which are quite expensive to rent. If you are new in Saudi Arabia, you have no other option but to rent a car to be able to move around.

To drive around Saudi Arabia, you need to carry your valid driver’s license from your country of residence. There are some car rental companies that will require you to have your international driver’s license. Whether it is your ordinary driver’s license or an international driver’s license, you need to have had it for at least 2 years.

If you are in Saudi as a tourist or a short business trip, you can choose to rent a car immediately you get to the airport. This way, you don’t have to rely on public transport any time to need to go around Saudi Arabia.

To get the best deals when renting a car in Saudi, you can make your booking before embarking on your journey. This will be an assurance that the car will be available immediately you land at the airport. If you wait until you get to Saudi, you make find the demand for the vehicles is very high and pay a high price to get one. Get more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

Here are Some Driving Times When You Rent a Car in Saudi Arabia

  • The recommended speed in urban centers is 45km/hr, 80km/hr in areas outside urban centers, and 120km/hr on motorways.
  • It’s an offense to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics.
  • Keep to your right when driving around Saudi
  • You can only drive if you are over 18 years.
  • When riding a motorcycle, you need to wear a helmet always
  • If you have children, you need to place them on safety sits
  • You cannot drive a car without a valid car insurance
  • You cannot use or hold a mobile phone when driving.
  • Your rental car should have license plates both at the front and at the back
  • You are not allowed to stand on railroads
  • If you come across a checkpoint or security patrol, you need to stand
  • If you come across an intersection where there is equal access, the vehicles coming from the right have a priority
  • You cannot pass a school bus if it stops to either load or offload students.
  • It is an offense to throw anything on the road as you drive
  • If you are a woman, it is an offense to ride a bicycle on a public road.

In case you are involved in an accident when driving a rental car in Saudi Arabia, you can be held in custody whether you are on the wrong or not. You need to notify your embassy immediately after the accident to be safe. ]

If you are able to follow the rules set by the Saudi government, you’ll definitely have a great time exploring in Saudi. Remember to follow the other rules that govern Saudi Arabia as this is the only way you will reap the most from your visit.

Booking Air Travel

When making plans to visit Saudi Arabia, you need to choose the right flight that will not only be comfortable but affordable as well. If you’re able to save more on your air travel, you will have more to spend in Saudi Arabia.

Here are Ways to Help You Travel to Saudi Arabia on a Budget

1. Travel During Off-peak Hours

When planning your visit to Saudi, do not choose a time when everyone else is making plans to go there. Do not go during holidays or on weekends when most of the flights are fully booked as the prices are very high at these times. If you want to pay less, travel during weekdays when most of the people are busy working. This way, you’ll get exceptional services at a lower price.

2. Book in Advance

Instead of waiting until the last minute to make your booking, do it a few months to your travel date. This way, you won’t have to struggle with last minute bookings that will cost more compared to what you’d have paid earlier.

However, there are instances when last minute bookings will cost less especially when flights fail to fill up. In such circumstances, the empty seats will be sold at a lower price compared to what the rest of the seats cost. Also more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

3. Look Out for Deals

At times different flights will offer discounted prices for their tickets and if you’re able to take advantage of this, your flight will be cheaper. All you need is to keep your eyes open so that you can know when such offers are running. At times, these offers remain active for 24 hours and then the prices get back to normal again. You need to be very sharp to take advantage of these opportunities.

4. Compare different flights

The prices that different flights charge to Saudi Arabia are not the same. Popular airlines that have a guarantee of getting a full booking always will charge more compared to other airlines. If you are able to compare the prices, you can settle for the more affordable, yet convenient.

5. Choose the Right Time to Travel

Airlines will charge a different price for their tickets depending on the time of the day. For instance, if you’re able to travel very early in the morning or late at night, you’ll pay less compared to the person who booked a flight during peak hours. If it’ll not be of much inconvenience, you can book your flight during off-peak hours to save more on your flight.

6. Reduce Your Baggage

Though there are airlines that will allow you to carry additional baggage en-route to Saudi Arabia, you should keep it as minimal as possible. This will help you to avoid paying an additional amount to cater for your baggage. Carrying less baggage will also allow you to buy more souvenirs on your way back from Saudi.

When traveling to Saudi Arabia, you don’t have to spend too much on your travel. Applying the above tricks when booking your flight will help you to save more so that you can have enough to spend in Saudi Arabia.

Booking a Place to Stay in Saudi Arabia

Among the most important considerations to have in mind when visiting Saudi Arabia is your accommodation. You need a place where you’ll not only be secure but also comfortable for the entire duration. Your choice of hotel will depend on your destination and on the budget you’ve set aside for your accommodation.

Here are the other factors you need to consider when choosing a booking place in Saudi:

  • Rates per night
  • Your destination
  • Hotels available in that region
  • Available amenities
  • Your personal preference

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic hub whose landscape is occupied by deserts, mountains, and stretches of green plains. Your choice depends on what you want to experience, either an exciting city break or enjoying some quiet moments in a retreat-like setting.

Here are Some of the Affordable but classy Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Al Khobal

Looking for an executive suite that has a well-equipped kitchen and free breakfast every day of your stay? Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham is the place to be whether you are in Saudi for a few days or you are on an extended visit. You’ll also get to enjoy a fitness center, free Wi-Fi, laundry facility, and even complementary social time for you as a guest.

You’ll not miss your favorite home delicacy as you can prepare it in the spacious kitchen in your suite.

Howard Johnson Damman hotel

If you are going on a business trip to Saudi Arabia, Howard Johnson Damman Hotel is the best place to seek accommodation. Located close to Koenigsallee Street which will give you easy access to the bustling business and financial centers, you’ll have an easier time in Saudi. The hotel is also close to Dusseldorf Airport and other public transport such as trams and trains.

While at the hotel, you’ll enjoy free Wi-Fi, minibar, Sky TV, hairdryer, and a tea maker. You’ll also have an option of controlling the heating or cooling system in your room, and every morning when you wake up, you’ll get free breakfast. Also more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

Menaa Suites

This is another classy and budget-friendly hotel to stay in Saudi Arabia. The hotel is easily accessible and you’ll locate it with ease. The staffs at the hotel are welcoming and will make you feel at ease immediately you get there. Every apartment has an equipped kitchen, lounge area, and a spacious bedroom. You can surf the internet using the free Wi-Fi in the air-conditioned rooms and stay up to date with the world’s happenings using the flat screen TV.

Boudl Abha

Traveling to Saudi Arabia on a business trip? There is no better place to get accommodation than Boudl Abha. You’ll enjoy air-conditioned rooms, a minibar, kitchenette, microwave, and even a refrigerator. There is also free Wi-Fi, dependable room service, laundry service, a fitness center, and meeting rooms in case you need the service.

You’ll never miss a place to stay in Saudi Arabia regardless of your destination. Whether you want affordable accommodation or a five-star hotel, you can never miss the right place for you.

Top Sites in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well known for being the heartbeat of Islam and to the most popular mosques in the world where millions flock for pilgrimage. Mecca city and Medina will fascinate you especially if you are a Muslim. There are other attractive sites you can visit in Saudi Arabia but you have to ensure that you’re appropriately dressed.

Here are some of the top sites you should not fail to visit:


This is one of the most ancient tourist destinations where trade and other commercial ventures thrive. Al-Ula is located at the heart of Saudi Arabia which makes it very easy to access. Any time to visit Saudi, make time and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in Al-Ula or even go on a shopping spree!

Asir National Park

Does the idea of spending some quality time in a national park appeal to you? Asir National Park that has a lush environment and a cool climate is the place to be. Whether you want to enjoy some trekking galore, cable cars, biking or even camping, you’ll get them at this amazing park. You’ll never miss something that will interest you any time you visit Asir National Park.

Farasan Islands

You can never get enough of the amazing sandy beaches and the dazzling waters at Farasan Island. The beach is an ideal place to relax, engage in water sports, or even explore. There are numerous birds, gazelles, mangrove forests, and other historic sites you will enjoy any time you visit this beautiful tourist destination. Get more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

Jabal al-Lawz

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy hiking? Get to Jabal al-Lawz where there is a wide variety of plants and animals. You’ll enjoy the cool weather of the countryside as you take a walk or even go on a hiking spree. You’ll also get a chance to behold the great cascading waterfalls and simply bask in its glory. This is a place you cannot afford to overlook when in Saudi Arabia.

Medain Saleh

Medain Saleh city is well known for its amazing architecture and a great history. You’ll enjoy watching the splendid tower ruins and dwellings which is an indication of how glorious the city was in the past. You’ll also find ancient tombs, Ottoman railway, and several other sites that will make your visit worthwhile.


Do you love to be in a place where there are mixed cultures and where everyone feels at home? Najran is one such place where the Saudi Arabian culture mingles with that of the neighboring states. The people here are friendly and you’ll find the atmosphere here very conducive. You’ll have a great time learning about the history, culture, and architecture of Saudi Arabia in this city.

These are not the only places you’ll enjoy visiting when in Saudi Arabia. It is important to remember, however, that you’ll need to go beyond the major cities to access some of these amazing sights. It would also be much easier for you if you can understand and speak a little Arabic.

Things You Should Know About Visiting Saudi Arabia

Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon? Well, like every other country, there are things you need to know to make your stay more enjoyable. Whether you want to travel for leisure, business, or even pilgrimage, here is what you need to know:

1. Apply for Your Visa in Advance

The process of getting a visa to Saudi Arabia is bureaucratic. You need to provide information about your background and the reason for your visit. If you don’t apply early enough, you may be forced to postpone your trip.

2. You Must Dress Respectfully Especially for Women

The way you dress when in Saudi Arabia matters a lot whether you’re male or female. According to Saudi Culture, you need to wear a conservative dress that covers your arms, chest, and your legs. If you accidentally expose any of these parts, you can get a serious jail term or harassment. Do not forget to cover your head as well!

3. You Cannot Travel Alone as a Woman

According to Saudi laws, you need a mahram around you every time you are in public. You can choose a woman older than you or one of your male relatives. If you’re married, being in the company of your husband is the best option. Also more information please visit here Rocket Marketing Pro.

4. There is no Nightlife in Saudi Arabia

When you get to Saudi, do not expect to party all night as there are no cinemas, night clubs, theaters, or even crazy dances. It is illegal to even play music publicly as such the authorities believe that they will make people to abandon Islam.

If you need any form of entertainment, you can organize a private dinner party or organize a dinner party in a fancy restaurant.

5. You Can Only Practice Islamic Religion

Even if you are not a Muslim, you cannot practice any other religion in Saudi Arabia. It is a requirement that you honor and live according to the Islamic rules all through your visit. If you must practice any other religion, you can only do it in the privacy of your home and avoid getting caught.

6. You Cannot Take Photos in Saudi Arabia

When visiting Saudi Arabia, taking photos is not the best way to keep the memories alive as it can get you in trouble. The government has placed a ban against taking photos of government buildings, palace or even a mosque. It is also not allowed to photograph a local as this is taken as harassment. To be safe, you should not carry a camera with you when visiting Saudi Arabia.

7. The Use of Alcohol, Pork or Other Non-Islamic Items is Not Allowed

The use of substances such as alcohol and pork is considered illegal in Saudi Arabia. If you’re caught with any of them, you can get jailed or you get killed. According to Islam, these items are considered Haram and you should stay away from them.  

If you have any pornographic or Christian materials in your phone or laptop, delete them. The Saudi officials will scan them and if they find such materials, you’ll be turned away and denied entry into Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Is an Absolute Monarchy

In this country, the king is both the head of state and the government. The king decides what is right and what is wrong after consulting the senior princes of the royal family and the top religious authority. Beyond this upper-hand consultation, there is no public participation. No one can question whatever decision is made. No citizen is free to criticize the king or the royal family.

So, how are Saudi Arabia and the USA friends, considering their leadership principles are sharp contradictions? Well, they are strategic allies, not friends. That is, they are enemies as far as policies are concerned.

No Public Affections

No matter how much you love your partner, do not show it in public. It is a crime to let the public know how romantic you are. No holding hands in public, even if traveling with your spouse. In fact, if you are traveling with your spouse, you have to show the officials the marriage license. So this is another tip: if you are going to Saudi Arabia with your spouse, remember to carry your marriage license. If a male and female are traveling together and they can’t prove what their relationship is about, they will be denied the visa, lest they commit adultery in this holy country.

No Sexual Misconduct

Adultery is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. Neither should you even think of watching pornography, for you can be jailed or be killed or both. If the officials randomly ask for your phone, only to scan it and find porn, you will be deported back to your country. But not before you are flogged in public. That is, if you are lucky. If you are not fortunate, you can be jailed for watching porn even if a foreigner. There is always an organization of volunteers called muttawa that patrol the streets to help the police enforce these codes of morality.

Moreover, bear in mind that pornography includes magazine photos that the muttawa police deem to be inappropriate. So check all the pictures you have on your magazines or your phone gallery. A phone wallpaper picture of you wearing a swimsuit or vest can turn out to be pornography in Saudi Arabia.

In liberal countries, gays can fearlessly come out to demand official recognition. In Saudi Arabia, the LGBTQ community is a voiceless lot. Letting anyone know you are part of that community could be as good as signing your death certificate.

Tough Rules for Women

A young woman is not supposed to travel alone in Saudi Arabia. She must be accompanied by an older woman or a male relative. In most cases, he should be her husband; of course, he should have the marriage license, just in case the police want to know who exactly he is. Until recently, women were not allowed to drive or go to the sports stadiums. That has changed, but they are still not allowed to go to the gym, exercise or sing in public.

Prayer Time Is Prayer Time

There is a 20-30 minutes time for daily prayers. When the loudspeakers announce that time, almost everything is expected to come to a standstill instantly. Businesses are closed at the speed of lightning, and muttawa the religious police can be seen patrolling the streets to arrest anyone who has not gone to the nearest mosque for the prayers. Only hospitals, airports, airplanes in the air and other hard-to-stop affairs continue to operate.

No Night Party

If you are traveling to Saudi Arabia, do not look forward to having great moments at the nightclubs. There are simply no nightclubs, theatres, or cinemas. You can manage to find a private daytime party, but remember to dance conservatively. They’ll let you know how conservatives dance. No wild dances and make sure you go home early.

The Religion Is Only Islam

Whether you are a Muslim or not, you are expected to obey the Sharia laws. However, if you belong to another religion, you are free to worship but do so secretly or privately. You can read your bible, but away from the public eye. Do not preach Jesus in public or in private.

Bonus Tips

If you can persevere through these laws, so much fun awaits you in Saudi Arabia. There is the Nabatean rock city of Madain Saleh; there is Mecca, diving, houses hewed from corals, a walk through the stunning desserts and trekking the mountains.