Things You Should Know About Visiting Saudi Arabia

Are you planning to visit Saudi Arabia soon? Well, like every other country, there are things you need to know to make your stay more enjoyable. Whether you want to travel for leisure, business, or even pilgrimage, here is what you need to know:

1. Apply for Your Visa in Advance

The process of getting a visa to Saudi Arabia is bureaucratic. You need to provide information about your background and the reason for your visit. If you don’t apply early enough, you may be forced to postpone your trip.

2. You Must Dress Respectfully Especially for Women

The way you dress when in Saudi Arabia matters a lot whether you’re male or female. According to Saudi Culture, you need to wear a conservative dress that covers your arms, chest, and your legs. If you accidentally expose any of these parts, you can get a serious jail term or harassment. Do not forget to cover your head as well!

3. You Cannot Travel Alone as a Woman

According to Saudi laws, you need a mahram around you every time you are in public. You can choose a woman older than you or one of your male relatives. If you’re married, being in the company of your husband is the best option. Also more information please visit here Rocket Marketing Pro.

4. There is no Nightlife in Saudi Arabia

When you get to Saudi, do not expect to party all night as there are no cinemas, night clubs, theaters, or even crazy dances. It is illegal to even play music publicly as such the authorities believe that they will make people to abandon Islam.

If you need any form of entertainment, you can organize a private dinner party or organize a dinner party in a fancy restaurant.

5. You Can Only Practice Islamic Religion

Even if you are not a Muslim, you cannot practice any other religion in Saudi Arabia. It is a requirement that you honor and live according to the Islamic rules all through your visit. If you must practice any other religion, you can only do it in the privacy of your home and avoid getting caught.

6. You Cannot Take Photos in Saudi Arabia

When visiting Saudi Arabia, taking photos is not the best way to keep the memories alive as it can get you in trouble. The government has placed a ban against taking photos of government buildings, palace or even a mosque. It is also not allowed to photograph a local as this is taken as harassment. To be safe, you should not carry a camera with you when visiting Saudi Arabia.

7. The Use of Alcohol, Pork or Other Non-Islamic Items is Not Allowed

The use of substances such as alcohol and pork is considered illegal in Saudi Arabia. If you’re caught with any of them, you can get jailed or you get killed. According to Islam, these items are considered Haram and you should stay away from them.  

If you have any pornographic or Christian materials in your phone or laptop, delete them. The Saudi officials will scan them and if they find such materials, you’ll be turned away and denied entry into Saudi Arabia.