Top Sites in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is well known for being the heartbeat of Islam and to the most popular mosques in the world where millions flock for pilgrimage. Mecca city and Medina will fascinate you especially if you are a Muslim. There are other attractive sites you can visit in Saudi Arabia but you have to ensure that you’re appropriately dressed.

Here are some of the top sites you should not fail to visit:


This is one of the most ancient tourist destinations where trade and other commercial ventures thrive. Al-Ula is located at the heart of Saudi Arabia which makes it very easy to access. Any time to visit Saudi, make time and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in Al-Ula or even go on a shopping spree!

Asir National Park

Does the idea of spending some quality time in a national park appeal to you? Asir National Park that has a lush environment and a cool climate is the place to be. Whether you want to enjoy some trekking galore, cable cars, biking or even camping, you’ll get them at this amazing park. You’ll never miss something that will interest you any time you visit Asir National Park.

Farasan Islands

You can never get enough of the amazing sandy beaches and the dazzling waters at Farasan Island. The beach is an ideal place to relax, engage in water sports, or even explore. There are numerous birds, gazelles, mangrove forests, and other historic sites you will enjoy any time you visit this beautiful tourist destination. Get more information please visit here rocket marketing pro.

Jabal al-Lawz

Are you an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy hiking? Get to Jabal al-Lawz where there is a wide variety of plants and animals. You’ll enjoy the cool weather of the countryside as you take a walk or even go on a hiking spree. You’ll also get a chance to behold the great cascading waterfalls and simply bask in its glory. This is a place you cannot afford to overlook when in Saudi Arabia.

Medain Saleh

Medain Saleh city is well known for its amazing architecture and a great history. You’ll enjoy watching the splendid tower ruins and dwellings which is an indication of how glorious the city was in the past. You’ll also find ancient tombs, Ottoman railway, and several other sites that will make your visit worthwhile.


Do you love to be in a place where there are mixed cultures and where everyone feels at home? Najran is one such place where the Saudi Arabian culture mingles with that of the neighboring states. The people here are friendly and you’ll find the atmosphere here very conducive. You’ll have a great time learning about the history, culture, and architecture of Saudi Arabia in this city.

These are not the only places you’ll enjoy visiting when in Saudi Arabia. It is important to remember, however, that you’ll need to go beyond the major cities to access some of these amazing sights. It would also be much easier for you if you can understand and speak a little Arabic.